Transfer Types

Transfer Types

Private Transfer with V.I.P Vehicles

Are You Looking for a Comfortable and Pleasant Journey? Say hello to V.I.P journeys with Mercedes Vito!

We offer you the opportunity to make a professional journey with our transfer service by V.I.P vehicles. We are only a click away when you need it! By selecting the vehicle, you want, you can go to concerts, events, hotel, matches, and airports via our V.I.P transfer services. References to our past services are an assurance of the service we offer to you. 

Our passenger transfer service via V.I.P vehicles that we offer to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day presents a professional solution for airport and hotel transfers. Expert and experienced team work to meet your needs in the best way possible. You can ask any questions you have in your head to our customer representatives; you can quickly contact us for cancellation and change of reservation. You can benefit from the transfer service in many regions of Turkey.

You can make bookings via online form and menu rather than booking on the phone. You can book one way or round-trip. You can get support from our customer representatives for emergencies or changing circumstances. Your transfer process is carried out in an organized way by drawing a detailed transfer map with the advanced airport transfer operation. Moreover, the transfers that you will have are insured. You can safely make your payments using an SSL-based system where your credit card and personal information are protected. With an easy 3-step process at the payment stage, all you have to do is enjoy your journey.


Private Transfer with Standard Vehicles provides safe and high-quality service to you, our valuable guests, in the standard transfer area. We provide transportation from your hotel to airport and from airport to your hotel with our well educated and smiling personnel and comfortable modern vehicles.


Economic Transfer with Shuttle Vehicles produces flexible transfer solutions to our valuable customers. We provide you with transfer service by Shuttle vehicles moving from airport to hotel areas at certain times


Passenger Transfer for Congress and Seminar

What is passenger transfer for Congress and seminar? Are You Looking for a Comfortable and Economical Journey? makes your journey worthwhile with a wide range of services offered. We present passenger transfer services to your use for your congresses and seminars. We are only a click away whenever you need it! By choosing the vehicle you want, you can go to your congresses, seminars or major events within the scope of economic transfer services by the congress and seminar vehicles we have presented for you. References of our past services are an assurance of the service we offer to you.

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