Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make a Reservation?

Online payment can be easily made on the payment page of our web site in 3 steps. You may also make reservation by reaching our customer representative through the support or Whatsapp lines in the contact field.


Is it Possible to Buy One Way Transfer?

Of course! You may make a one way transfer reservation for the destination that you want to go. For example; you may complete your reservation in a way such as from the airport to the hotel or from hotel to the airport.


What is the Latest Time to Make a Transfer Reservation?

If you wish to buy your transfer online; you may make a transfer reservation 12 hours prior to the time you choose. If there are 12 hours or less to your transfer, you may create a "last minute" reservation by reaching our call center.


How Can I Get Information About My Reservation?

After making your reservation online or via our customer representative, your reservation form is sent to the e-mail address that you have specified. Also, the confirmation message is sent to your cell phone by the system within 5 minutes. Additionally, in the SMS to be sent to your cell phone, you can also find our emergency support contact information to reach us for all of your questions and requests.


What Happens If My Flight Time Changes?

If your flight time changes, you can change the start hour of your transfer 24 hours prior to your transfer. In case your planned departure or arrival flight changes, please give information by reaching our customer representative through the support or Whatsapp line in the / contact field.


How Will I Reach You at the Airport?

Our operation will contact you 1 day prior to your arrival to inform you about the airport or meeting point that we will be at. Also, the emergency support numbers, through which you can reach us immediately in case of delay or failure to meet, will have been given to you by our authorized personnel.


Is My Transfer Insured?

Yes. Transferspro Anonim Şirketi has A1 and D2 certificates given by the Ministry of Transport. All vehicles have compulsory accident and seat insurance. Any organization that does not have these certifications cannot provide commercial passenger transportation services.


How Can I Make Sure that My Credit Card and Personal Information is Secured?

The industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt all personal information that you have sent to the server when booking over the Internet. All information is stored on a server with high security and is protected by a firewall. As an additional precaution in the firewall security breach initiatives are followed.


Do Children Have the Right to Bring Baggage with Them?

Yes. You may bring a suitcase and hand baggage for each child you notify on your reservation form. In addition, each child has a seat separated for him or her in the vehicle.


Baby Safety Seat

If you are traveling with a baby, we suggest you bring your own baby car seat. If you do not have such an opportunity you must indicate your child seat request in the note section of your reservation form. Baby seat prices may vary depending on where your transfer will take place, for information on prices please contact our customer representative by contacting us on or through the Whatsapp line.


Where Will I Be Left in the Area Where My Transfer Will Be Ended?

If you bought our private transfer, you will be taken to the door of the place or hotel that you will go. If the service you have bought is economic transfer (shuttle service), you will again be taken to the door of the hotel. However, if your point of arrival is any other address, you will be left at the nearest point to this address. If access to the destination is restricted due to the closure of pedestrian path, local road or any other problem, you will be left at the nearest point of destination regardless of the service you have received.


What is the Difference Between the Private and Economic Transfer (Shuttle Transfer)?

When you buy our private transfer service the vehicle is only allocated to you, your car will move without waiting at the airport. In the case of economic transfer (shuttle service) you will share the vehicle with our guests, who will travel in the same direction as you, after waiting a maximum of 45-60 minutes for our other guests at the airport, your car will move towards the destination point. Due to sharing the vehicle with our other guests, depending on the region where the transfer will be made, your travel can take 30 to 90 minutes longer than normal.


How Can I Learn the Point that I Will Be Taken from for My Return Transfer to the Airport?

At this point, the information you fill in the booking form (flight code, flight time, phone number, etc.) is very important to us. Our operations department determines your transfer time according to the airlines time you have given us. While doing this determination, it also takes the external factors such as the density of the airport in your area, road construction, traffic and weather into consideration. 24 hours before your pick-up time, we will contact you via the contact information you have provided us and inform you of the time you will be taken. If you have bought our private transfer service and there is a specific time that you wish to be picked up due to special reasons, please notify our customer representative by contacting us at line or the Whatsapp line. In such cases, you are responsible for any delays due to the external factors mentioned above.


Can I Change My Transfer or Cancel It?

24 hours before the time of your transfer you can cancel or change your transfer reservation without any cutback.


Am I Going to Pay for Children?

It is for free for children aged 0-2 years. Children aged 3-11 years are considered adults.


How Many Baggages Can I bring?

Every guest has the right of bringing one baggage and one standard size hand baggage. This applies to all booked passengers, including children under 12 years of age.


Can I Bring Extra Baggage?

Yes, each adult guest can bring a golf bag, scuba diving equipment or ski / snowboard equipment. If the number of excess baggage causes a change in the vehicle, in this case a price difference may occur. Please contact our customer representative about this request by reaching us at line or Whatsapp line.