Passenger Transfer with Shuttle Bus

Economical Transfer by Shuttle Vehicles

What is Economical Transfer by Shuttle Vehicles? 

A journey that is both comfortable and economical! is for those who think of their budget while travelling! provides transfer services that contain economical solutions for you. Do you want to benefit from transfer services for your business trips, concerts, seminars, events, meetings, conventions and more? You can fulfill this request by choosing any option you want from the types of transfers presented to you.


The transfer services, specially arranged with Shuttle vehicles for people who pay regard to economical option, do not skip the comfort. Its difference from private transfer is that  rather than the vehicles allocated only to your use, it involves a shared journey you will take with our other passengers in the same direction as you.  Depending on the time you will travel or the time your journey will take place, within the passenger circulation a certain number of passengers are taken to the relevant transfer zones with you. The second difference is that you are be left at the gate of the hotel or the property of your choice in private transfer types. In economic transfer types, you will be left at the nearest point to your destination.


If you benefit from transfer services by shuttle vehicles, you wait for other guests at the airport for 45-60 minutes. Later, your vehicle moves. Due to the other guests accompanying you, your journey can take 30-90 minutes longer than normal. However, it does not lack comfor and safety! You will experience quality travel with our professional, experienced and friendly team! You can make your reservation immediately via or by calling on the phone.

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