Cookie Policy

How does Transferpro A.Ş use cookies?
Transferpro A.Ş uses cookies for the following purposes;
It uses them to remember your preferences and to personalize your website/mobile app/mobile website usage. This usage includes:
Cookies that save your password and keep your website/mobile app/mobile website session open all the time so that they save you the trouble of having to enter your password more than once at each visit and includes cookies that remember and recognize you on your next visit to the website/mobile app/mobile website.

It uses them to determine how you use our website/mobile application/mobile website, including the identification of the way you use them, such as from where and from which devices you connect to electronic commerce platforms operated by Transferpro A.Ş, which content you viewed on website/mobile app/mobile site and the duration of your visit. In other words, it uses them for target advertising promotion purposes to provide you with relevant content and ads that are more related to you. Transferpro Inc. offers you specific content, personalized campaigns and products by matching the information obtained through cookies and other personal data of yours and does not offer any content or opportunities that you previously specified that you do not want.

How does Transferpro use third-party cookies for advertising and retargeting?
Transferpro A.Ş. may also use cookies to activate "advertising technology" to provide you with ads that you may be interested in when you visit search engines, the website, mobile application or mobile site of electronic commerce platforms operated by Transferpro A.Ş and/or websites to which Transferpro A.Ş has placed an ad. In order to offer you customized ads, advertising technology uses information about previous visits that you made to the website/mobile app/mobile website and the website/mobile/mobile website applications in which Transferpro A.Ş has placed an ad. While presenting these ads, in order for Transferpro A.Ş to recognize you a unique third-party cookie can be placed to your browser. Transferpro A.Ş also uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how visitors use the website/mobile application/mobile site for analyzing with statistical information/reports. For more information about using Google Analytics (including decline options), you can visit: Also, in order to be able to present ads that you may be interested in on social media platforms and to create a target population, your e-mail address from your personal data is shared with these platforms. Your e-mail address is transmitted through secure channels and environments provided by these platforms. Social media platforms are using your e-mail address only for mapping operation by hashing it. Your email address is not shared with third parties or other advertisers and is deleted from the social media platform systems as soon as possible after the mapping process is completed. For example; Facebook will provide the confidentiality and security of your email address and Facebook User ID collection encrypted with the hash method, which forms special target audiences ("custom audiences"), in order to (a) provide protection of the integrity and security of your personal data, as long as it is on Facebook, and(b) protect your personal data on Facebook systems in a way including technical and physical security measures developed to protect your data against accidental or unauthorized access and accidental or unauthorized use, modification or disclosure of your data. Also,without your permission or unless required by laws, Facebook does not provide access or information to third parties or other advertisers for your target audience, it does not add your target audience information to the information about our users or does not create profiles based on interest or does not use the special target audience apart from providing you with services. For Facebook special target audience conditions, you can visit , for Facebook Privacy Policies you can visit In mobile application, Google and Criteo SDK (Software Development Kit) are used instead of cookies.

Cookies Management
According to your browser's type, following the steps below you can learn about cookies and use the right to accept or deny.

Google Chrome:By clicking on the "lock sign" or "i" in the "address section" of your browser, you can allow or block cookies from the "Cookies" tab.

Internet Explorer:Click the "Security" tab in the "Tools" section in the upper right corner of your browser and perform cookie management as "allow" or "do not allow".

Mozilla Firefox:Click on the "Open menu" tab in the top right corner of your browser. Clicking on the "Options" image, perform your cookie management by using the "Privacy and Security" button.

For other browsers (like opera, Microsoft edge) you can review the help or support pages of the relevant browser.

Safari: Select the "safari" tab in the "Settings" section of your phone and you can carry out all your cookie management on the "Privacy and Security" section.

Besides the options above; to have information about all cookies and to manage cookies you can visit:, or use "Privacy Badger" application (

For managing cookies or SDK in mobile apps, you can follow directions in your Privacy or Settings section of your device or you can use Lumen Privacy Monitor ( by downloading it to your telephone.

If you reject permanent cookies or session cookies,you can continue to use your website, mobile app, and mobile site but you may not have access to all functions of the website, mobile application and mobile site, or your access may be limited. In mobile applications, the situation may vary.

Cookie Types
Cookies according to the usage period: In electronic commerce platforms operated by Transferpro A.Ş are available on website, mobile application and mobile site, session cookies and permanent cookies are used according to their usage time. The session cookie expires when you close your browser. A permanent cookie remains on your hard disk for a long time or indefinitely.

Types of cookies according to the owner of the cookie or the party placing the cookie: In website, mobile app, and mobile site of the electronic commerce platforms operated by Transferpro A.Ş, "Transferpro A.Ş. cookies (first party cookie)"and" third party cookies" are used in accordance with the party placing them. While Transferpro A.Ş cookies are created by Transferpro A.Ş, third party cookies are managed by third party companies that we cooperate with.

Types of cookies according to usage purposes: technical cookies, verification cookies, targeting/advertising cookies, personalization cookies, and analytics cookie are used in website, mobile app, and mobile site of the electronic commerce platforms operated by Transferpro A.Ş in accordance with the purpose of usage. Using these cookies, Transferpro A.Ş performs statistical works by determining the features that distinguish the members from each other for determining average spending amount, age, gender, shopping categories, mobile usage rate, etc. of the members by separating them into large groups in order to make campaigns and advertisements suitable for their preferences and likes.

Information on the cookies in the website of Transferpro A.Ş are given in the following tables: